About Arabic


How much do you know about the Arabic Language?

Play Rags to Riches: About Arabic and find out:


Compete with your classmates or yourself

Play Kahoot


(For this exercise, it is necessary to have access to two devices. i.e. phone and laptop.)

There are two ways of writing the Arabic language with vowel (tashkeel) or without vowels.

Religious texts (the Qur’an and Hadith) are always written with vowels. This is to ensure that non-Arabic speakers reading the text will not mispronounce words thereby altering the meaning. Children’s school book are also written in this way.

Virtually, all other texts are written unvowelled and require the reader to apply the correct vowel markers and grammatical endings.

In the photo below, you can see an example of both types of writing.


 Watch the following video to learn about the history of the Arabic language:

Use thie following  learning activity to measure what you have learned about the history of the Arabic Language from the video:


Rags to Riches:  The Arabic Language



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