Learn the Arabic Alphabet


Arabic Alphabet Talking Points

1.  Arabic is written from right to left.

2. There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet.

3. Each letter in the Arabic Alphabet may have up to four shapes depending upon when it is found in the word: at the beginning, in the middle, at the end or in isolation.

4. All letters in Arabic are connected except for six one-way connectors.

5. Arabic has three short vowels and three long vowels.

6. Arabic consists of two separate layers of writing: the basic skeleton of a word is made up of consonants and long vowels. The second layer, called vocalization or vowelling, is made up of Short Vowels and grammar markings known as tashkeel. The second layer is frequently omitted.

7. Arabic has one-to-one correspondence between letter and sound.

8. Arabic is phonetic, meaning words are generally written as they are pronounced.

9. In general, Arabic uses a wider range of mouth and throat  positions than English sounds.

Sing the Arabic Alphabet Song:


Practice saying the letters of the Arabic Alphabet aloud as you watch the following video:

The Arabic Alphabet

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