The Arab Family

In the Arab World, intense feelings of loyalty and dependence are fostered and preserved by the family. Families maintain tribal and clan connections in many countries and loyalties are strong, hence the saying  “Me and my brothers against my cousins; Me and my cousins against the stranger.”

People know and speak proudly of their genealogy. The extended family celebrates together on feast days, and during Ramadan, they will have breakfast at each other’s houses.

Family honor is one of the most important characteristics in the Arab family.

The family is extremely important.  Of all members of the family, however, the most revered member is the mother. It is said the “Paradise lies at the feet of Mothers”.

As you study the family relation words, you will notice that they are significantly more precise and descriptive than  similar words in the English language.


Now see how much you have learned.

Play the Match Game by clicking on the link below:


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