Let’s Talk About the Weather! (in Arabic)

31C7E756-2191-4DB1-9FA6-841C80E0DFFD3F72B34E-A3FA-4CFB-A173-88D499CA201EThis is how we say:
What is the weather like today in your city?
كيف حال الطقس الْيَوْمَ في مدينتك؟
Kayfa At tuqs al yom fi madinatuka? (To a male)
Kayfa At tuqs al yom fi madinatuki? (To a female)

Watch the video and learn how to talk about the weather.

الطقس حار و جاف في مكة  The weather is hot and dry in Mecca.

At tuqs har wa jaf fi Mecca.

الطقس ممطر و بارد في لندن. The weather is rainy and cold in London.

At tuqs mumtar wa barid fi London.
Let me know what the weather is like in your city in comments. Don’t forget to mention the name of your city!


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