Ramadan Traditions In Makkah: The Ramadan Souq (السوق الرمضانية)

In Makkah, during the Holy month of Ramadan, shopping at the Ramadan Souq (Market) is a popular way of passing the time, particularly after Taraweeh prayer. Adults and children alike, visit the market until the wee hours of the morning. Clothing, makeup, jewelry, spices, home goods, candy, lots of food and entertainment are available to purchase and enjoy. Rides and a small Zoo are available for the children.2C13A91F-040F-4C29-BB87-D5E44A67084D109F4F2A-A369-4658-9538-C92EF5001F6B311B505E-988F-40EF-8D33-5DC56C3E6B70F6F45F63-F2A2-416A-9112-EE2F645D5D057115B2C8-8FB5-46D0-BD6A-A78CA3B1BDBFBBD8F73D-46D0-48E1-9CE4-4A0B5F0D5E763893F255-2A1E-4917-84B7-A5C40AB3A340398B94CD-32AD-4BD6-BE40-051165F4B255

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