Remembering Souq Okaz 2018

1DBB4D7F-8E9B-4CC4-A7CA-0D9E85E319F1.pngSouq Okaz is an ancient market and poetry festival that was held in pre-Islamic times. It has been recreated in the past several years on its original location just outside of Taif, Saudi Arabia. Camels, Arabian horses, Poets, Traditional entertainment, artists, handicrafts and lots of food and fun!4F388D5B-402A-4822-B782-CD4376156F1D.jpeg

Actor in the drama at Souq Okaz.

B1AD9363-BEC6-4E85-B4F0-86E227358487.pngRiders on Arabian Horses.

2FF9346D-DC47-4DB8-9BEA-321F355FF79CTraditional dresses from the Taif region of Saudi Arabia.


Jadt Okaz is the Main Street in Souq Okaz.


Re-enactment of ancient stories.


And lots of camels!



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